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About me

Welcome to my website! My name is Sam Gibbs and I keep and breed Agapornis personatus. I am an English guy who now lives in the Netherlands with my wife Marlous and our 4 dogs.
Enjoy the website!

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My birds

I have bred most of the common mutations in personatus, but my main interest is in wild type green birds. I also have several other mutations such as blue, pastel, dark factor, dominant pied and turquoise. The majority of these mutations do play a role in my green project though.

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I have composed several articles sharing my experiences judging various shows. Judging at shows is something I take serious. Especially helping those who want to improve the quality of their birds. At the same time, I still have a lot fun and really enjoy it! Feel free to leave a comment, like or share! 

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Recent articles

LSP 2017

Judging in Pakistan The first exhibition of the Lovebird Society of Pakistan (L.S.P) For all my friends in Pakistan, the wait is over! My article is finally finished! Again, I apologise for the delay but it’s a very busy time of the year for me with several visits to the UK and other commitments that I […]

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CDE 2016

CDE National Championship, Chantonnay, France 2016 On the 3rd weekend of October was the CDE National Championship of France and I was invited to judge the Agapornis. On Thursday evening I made an uneventful trip to Brussels Airport to catch a flight out to Nantes, France. I am not a big fan of flying, and […]

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BVA 2016

BVA Masters 2016 2360 birds entered by 208 participants from 10 different countries. Another epic weekend of Agapornis antics! I arrived on Thursday, later than anticipated (again) after sitting in a lovely traffic jam that consumed Antwerp and it’s surroundings – Typical. Upon arriving, I did the rounds, said hello, checked a few birds in, […]

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