BVA Masters 2016

2360 birds entered by 208 participants from 10 different countries. Another epic weekend of Agapornis antics!

I arrived on Thursday, later than anticipated (again) after sitting in a lovely traffic jam that consumed Antwerp and it’s surroundings – Typical.
Upon arriving, I did the rounds, said hello, checked a few birds in, met the English visitors and naturally had a few drinks!

Friday morning quickly came around and it was time for me to judge my first official show! I never slept a wink, I was buzzing in all honesty. We have no idea what we are judging or who we are paired up with until we get a tablet and log in, so there was quite a bit of anticipation on my behalf! No time to waste, it’s a case of logging in, finding the judge you are working with then getting straight to it!

I was working alongside Gianni Davito from Italy. He was a nice guy, relaxed and easy to work with. I enjoyed judging the birds, it was challenging and rewarding. Picking the Best in Group wasn’t easy, but picking the Best in Show was even harder. There were some really close calls and it wasn’t easy, but I’m sure that’s what plays a big role in the foundation of a good exhibition!

After judging I decided to film the birds for my annual ‘BVA Masters’ video that I will upload to YouTube. I’ve got around 2 hours of footage to edit, render then upload, so be patient! Photos will also follow shortly! Subscribe to my channel to be alerted when it goes live!

The BVA really is something special. The staff work so hard, and put so much into the club – and it shows. Of course, the board members are at the forefront, their dedication and contribution is unrivalled and they are the backbone of what is, to me, the best club ever! I would also like to quickly mention the volunteers at the show that people might not see. Albert, in the kitchen … you probably don’t see him much, he’s the guy that prepares the food for the visitors and staff. This guy is a beast, he really is, and he puts me to shame! He’s probably way over DOUBLE my age, yet he is hardcore! He’s there when I arrive, and he’s there when I leave. He’s there first thing in the morning, and last thing at night (or early hours should I say!). He’s constantly grafting away in that hot kitchen and I swear down – I’ve never seem him sit down, not once!? He’s on his feet the entire time and sucks it up like it’s nothing!? I’m exhausted, seriously exhausted, and I feel like a complete pussy because he just slays it!!! I swear down he’s an android or something!? Massive credit to him. All the BVA crew are awesome to be fair, a real good bunch, a family. Something I am proud to be a part of.

A big shoutout to the exhibitors from the UK too! This year Andrew Morton wasn’t alone, he was joined by another UK entry WeiWei Amy Liu and Janet Kenyon. Andrew did great again, going home with a series gold and silver! The ladies did brilliant as well, taking home series silver for a beautiful dominant pied D blue personatus! It was lovely catching up with you all, and a genuine, MASSIVE well done on your results, chuffed for you! Good to see the Union Jack earning a rightful place at the entry! 

Have to add an Irish flag to it next *cough* James O’toole *cough* 

Awesome weekend, I loved it! Caught up with some friends, and made some new ones! Going home shattered, but with a smile! My only regret is that I never made it to the Forpus International show … again. Keeping meaning to go, but come Sunday I’m cream crackered and time flies by! Sorry 

Next year is a big one!!! 25th Edition of the BVA Masters! Excited already!

See you there?

BVA Masters 2016 Photo Album:

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