COM Mondial 2019 Weekend

I’ve known Wendy Edwards Collins for quite a while now through social media, so it was exciting to hear she was coming all the way from the USA with her friend Vicki to visit the BVA Masters a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I was as sick as a dog that entire weekend. This year Wendy and Vicki came back to Europe to visit the World Championships in Zwolle, along with a few other friends Leigh Ann, Glenda and Frank. They are all staff of ALBS (, Wendy is a judge and Frank is the judging panels chairman. This time I was feeling good and headed up to Zwolle to meet up with them for a couple of days. I turned up late on Friday for 101 reasons, so I sadly missed the show, but it’s all good! I met up with everyone at their hotel where we chilled out, had a chat and a drink. Edwin Vloeberghen joined us later on and we continued to catch up until late in the evening. I headed back to my hotel ready for an early start the next day.

We spent the Saturday visiting breeders. We began in the morning visiting top Agapornis roseicollis breeder Yne Peter Terpstra. It’s the first time I have visited Yne myself, I’m not a roseicollis fan after all. I enjoyed it though, especially his story about how he began with roseicollis. We then headed down to my place to have a look at my birds and grab some lunch. After lunch we went to visit the legend himself – Mr Harry Bens. I’ve visited Harry a few times already and admire the work he puts into some of the rarer mutations, as well as trying to establish potential new ones. After taking in Harry’s impressive collection we got back on the road and visited Lilian du Burck and her partner Walter. Lilian is awesome, she is dedicated. She’s in it for the right reasons and that is exactly what our hobby needs. We have started a project together, albeit not the start we hoped for (more about that another time), but onward and upwards all the same! We was mega late arriving, like 2-3 hours late. It was pissing down with rain non-stop, all weekend. The roads were busier, visibility was terrible and everything was slower. Arghh whatever, welcome to Europe I guess!? We had a very quick look at Lilian’s birds before heading off for something to eat. The meal was lovely, so i’d like to thank Lilian and Walter for their incredible hospitality.

On the Sunday we met up with Dirk Van den Abeele for lunch. I really enjoyed it, so a big thanks to Dirk for that. After Lunch it was time for one last visit before we went our separate ways – BVA boss Dominique Veeckmans. His collection of opaline fischeri is impressive to say the least and I am glad our visitors got the chance to see it for themselves. Thanks Dominique and his wife for their time and hospitality.

I had an amazing weekend. I really enjoyed it. Top visits, top food and the best company!
It’s really nice to compare how things are done differently in different continents. There’s always something to learn from one another and that’s great.
Wendy, Vicki, Frank, Leigh Ann and Glenda I would like to thank you all for a wonderful weekend! It was a pleasure spending time with you and I hope we meet again soon!


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