Welcome to my website!

My name is Sam Gibbs and I keep and breed Agapornis personatus, also known as Masked Lovebirds. I'm an English guy who now lives in the Netherlands with my wife Marlous and our three dogs! This website will provide information about me and my birds and i'll try my best to keep it updated.


If you have any questions then feel feel to contact me! If you are interested in buying birds from me then send me an email to see what I have available. I don't always have time to add the birds for sale onto the website. If you ever want to come and visit me and my birds then you are always welcome, get in contact to arrange a time! Enjoy the website :)


How I began with birds...

It actually started a long time ago when I was younger. My grandparents kept Agapornis roseicollis (Peachfaced Lovebirds). Just like many other hobbyists, they started with one tame pair and it progressed from there. Aswell as numerous tame birds inside, they had a large wooden aviary outside with a night shelter and around 8 pairs of breeding birds. I never forgot these birds and was always fascinated by them. Many years later I find myself persuading my wife to let me get a lovebird. It all began with a blue personatus called Zippy. She is a lovely bird, and was very tame for a long time although due to a lack of time she became wild. A short period later and I got her a friend, a SF violet blue personatus called Ozzy, he was silly tame, and stayed tame until he sadly passed away in 2010. He would fly to me when I called him, step onto my finger and allow me to scratch him - i've never known a bird with such a character! Anyway, time passed by and they eventually started making their own family and I guess the rest is history! I only keep and breed personatus, and I'm very interested in all things genetic, feather structure, inheritance etc. I breed birds purely based around quality as opposed to quantity. I am concentrating on the dominant pied mutation and wildcolour green.

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